Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Fynn's Hospital Birth

I feel like I should go way back for this story. My husband and I had been married for 14 months when I came down with a terrible "stomach problem". I remember being on a Girls Weekend with my  cousins when after a massage I started to feel awful. This was on a Saturday. It never hit me to take a pregnancy test until Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon I closed the bathroom door while my husband waited on our bed. I did my thing thinking all of the What Ifs. My plan was to let Adam look as the test developed but I couldn't move while looking at the lines appear.

June 12

  All of May is gone and no log. But very understandable. So much has happened. Let's start with Fynn's birth story:

It's May 1st Sat. Adam and I are enjoying the morning as we always do, sleeping in and snuggling. When nothing abnormal, I had to pee. No lights on , my eyes weren't even open. All of the sudden I hear what sounded like a frog leaping into the pater below me! I turned on the light and looked.... nothing. "oh well," I thought. I turned the light off and got back into bed. Not long and I had to go AGAIN. When I got up I knew something had happened. I called Jaimee to ask about water breaking and I was starting to get excited. Adam woke up to the news. It wasn't registering to him that we would have a baby in the very very very near future.He kept asking me to let him lay there and let him think a minute. haha. I thought, "you've had 9 months."
I took a shower, got packed, but still no labor pains. Adam had started to come to reality and was getting excited. He called his work to tell them the news and we prepared to go to OKC. Ot was only 10Am so we stopped at POPS to walk around and induce my labor. I had so much fun there. It was great spending alone time with Adam before the big event. We left with no results. So off to the mall! At this point we had called family and friends. ALL DAY we spent trying to get labor going, but no results. Finally at 8PM we checked into the hospital. I got an IV first thing. I almost passed out. I was trying to be tough. After I got over it we were put into a large beautiful birthing suite. I was put on a low dose of pitocin (I wasn't happy with). Friends and Family started to show up. First it was Ashley with her camera. She took over 350 pictures in the end I think! Denise, Tommy, Jaimee, Meredith, Haley, Adam J, Junior, (probably missing some) all visited while I started to feel stronger and stinger contractions. They were getting so stron at 5 AM that I had an epidural. Finally I got some rest and around 730AM we started to get ready to push.
 It was the most amazing experience of my life. The nurse (Amy) and Adam were so supportive. It was very hard, but I wanted to meet Fynn so bad. Adam coached me and encouraged me throught the while pushing phase! He was so excited. I've never seen him act so crazy! Our Dr came at the last to give me the extra "Push" and he was there. All 7lbs, 8oz of the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. It was 9:14AM. Fynn looked like a wildcat trying to escape! So full of energy. They put him up on my chest and I immediatley started to cry for joy. It's a feeling I can't explain, but mother's have told me about.
In the next 2 days adam and I had a blast. So many visitors came to see Fynn. At the end of the night Tom and Jaimee would come down and we would laugh for hours.
Taking care of Fynn felt very natural to both me and Adam. He ate so good from the beginning and was a good little boy. We drove home to Stillwater and stopped at McDonalds (we hate McD) to finally get something to eat.
The next weeks changed me. Feeding every hour and half! I was so exhausted. I didn't have any post labor pain and Im thankful. I would cry at the drop of a hat, but it was a cry of joy. I was so happy. And still am. we moved at the end of May. and now I sit here at 7AM after nursing my baby a totally changed women. I love being a mother.

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