Wednesday, May 29, 2013

3 under 2.

My little guy turned two this last weekend. I wanted to finish laying down this blog post mostly because I want to always be riminded of how I survived! I know I will look back one day and think "how in the world did I have three boys all under the age of two?". This should be interesting because I can't remember anything. Since the boys have been born everything is such a blur. In the beginning my husband was home, thank the Lord! I remember being so afraid of the day he would have to go back to work and leave me with all three. The twins and I were learning how to breastfeed. It didn't seem like either one really ate anything until they were several weeks old.  I remember feeling so desperate for them to start eating well.  I will always be grateful to a selfless mother that donated her breast milk to my boys! She gave me a whole stash to have in my freezer of the best milk they could have. This allowed me to calm down about making enough and as soon as I was able to relax the milk started coming for me! Now at 3 months old we are exclusively breastfeeding! And loving it! Even Fynn loves to come sit by us and tell the boys "good good" while they eat. We wake up at 7ish now.  love to hear Fynn's stomps as he jumps out of bed to come find me and give a big hug. He is just so happy to see the day! We survived.

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