Tuesday, September 13, 2011

"Oh Wow. Wow. Whoa."

 This is what Fynn is saying these days. And mommy and daddy joined in yesterday!   We took a trip to Tulsa to look at trucks and have some family time. I scheduled a sonogram appointment on a whim thinking how wonderful it would be to have Adam be there with me. It is no secret that my husband wants boys, boys, and more boys. And really, it has rubbed off on me. I had entertained the thought of a little girl for several weeks. I had come to the conclusion that girls are too special to be thrown into the whirlwind of boys right now. You see, I have my husband and Fynn at our house, of course, but our home is also the landing pad for my brother in law, Andrew and my pretend brother in law, Adam Jones. (the bro in law part is pretend, he is an actual person).    Testosterone everywhere.   This is old news to me. I also grew up with two brothers along with countless boy cousins and only one other, special, girl cousin. This is my point. Vanessa and I were and are special. We are set apart. (oh, i like that. haha) So my reasoning to want boys now was that maybe when the baby-crazy settles down a bit, I can have the chance to try for a little special princess.
  When we walked into the ultrasound room Adam and I couldn't help but shoot each other nervous looks. Fynn was so intent on knowing whether he would have sisters or brothers or both. Not really. He was playing with a book. hehe. She found Baby A and first things first, heartbeat. As I have said in earlier posts, heartbeats get me. I'm always reminded of our Creator knitting my babies together! Relief and a tear is shed when Baby A waves at me while I hear those beats. Also a laugh because it was sitting on Baby B's head. Baby B was shy and snuggley. Steadily B's heart was ticking away and the sound let me know I could settle and get ready for the fun! Back on A, I saw a cute little something and said "he's a boy?!" and yes. Unmistakably. Adam was beaming. Pictures were taken and it seemed like forever to see the shy sleepy baby. It was tucked in tight minding it's own business. We bounced my belly around a bit. It turned as if it knew what we needed to see and there it was, another....BOY! Then he rolled back over to sleep. Stubborn, but at least he minds. :) A was still wanting to play and wave. We got a peace sign and lots of kicks. I just couldn't believe it. It was exactly what we wanted even though from our birth experience with Fynn, we knew we would fall in love with either sex. Instantly I felt so connected to My Lord who Hears. He knows me. He knows my every desire and thought.

 I will just say that I am in awe of my Saviour! When I was dating my Husband and we were both in college we would dream about our future. We always said we wanted a big family. Then, after marriage we would talk about how great it would be to be surrounded by "our boys". We have had a subtle dream and desire that we really couldn't even define. I feel like My Father has listened to me when I have dreamed and wondered. We will be adding two beautiful boys to our already rowdy household. I never prayed for boys, just  His perfect Will. However, he has seen my heart and blessed me.

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  1. BOYS!!! So exciting! Is Fynn just over the moon with excitement of 2 little brothers?