Friday, August 12, 2011

Dream Come True

We will be doubling our assets with this pregnancy. As you may expect my husband is still in shock! Me, not so much. I mean, yes, it is such a big thing to wrap your mind around, but I was a little more prepared when I saw my new babies for the first time. When July started I had a funny dream that my Mother-In-Law knocked at my door with my two babies. She had given me a needed break and was all smiles when I answered the door. I looked down to see both hands holding car seats. I woke up and just couldn't shake it. It consumed my brain all day so much that when Adam got home I told him we were having twins. After that I googled "signs your having twins". Yes I know there is no way to know other than an US, but I had every symptom that google could give. For the next weeks I referred to my tummy as 'the babies' and the friends I confided in about the issue thought I was crazy. Rightfully so. I had to have an us for hormone level reasons on July 14th. I told the us tech that I was sure there were two in there. She calmly told me all the reasons that second time moms always think they are having multiples. It was a dark, peaceful room and along with her calming voice I actually started to think she was probably right. Then she paused. I thought something must be wrong. My heart sank. She didn't smile. She looked at me concerned and said "Look!". I turned to the screen.  There were two little spots inside two little spots. I was still so startled from thinking the worst that I asked her to hear both heartbeats. As that noise filled the room I started to cry and laugh with the greatest joy. She placed her hand on my arm still shaken and asked me how I knew. I just continued to laugh feeling so relieved that I wasn't actually crazy!!! I will admit to some shock. I didn't call anyone or even talk all afternoon. That evening I'm ashamed to say I text my husband. haha. I don't really know why. I just wanted him to be able to absorb it. "Phillips Family of Five" is all I wrote. "no way" came back and a call. He wanted proof. us picture was sent. It took Adam a few days to really soak it in. Now he and I both are so absolutely thankful and amazed by this blessing! I apologize to anyone I totally weirded out. I still am not sure how I knew other than I just experienced an actual Dream Come True.

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